ACTFORM Committee Meeting

The activity plans of the district level member organizations of ACTFORM were discussed.


The leaders from the district level organizations stated that programmes to gather domestic workers together are being carried out in Gampaha, Kurunegala, Chilaw and Kandy and they stressed the need for district level workshops to be held for their benefit.


Dates were set for the activities in the 2011 work plan of the ACILS organization.


It was decided that in order to expand the ACTFORM network, a meeting would be held with the participation of a group of academics and a comprehensive work plan would be drafted.


It was proposed that in order to commemorate the International Migrants Day which falls on the 18th of December, a special programme should be held with the participation of all member organizations.


Follow up


ACILS work plan for 2011 has to be carried out.


GFMD-MFA programmes also should be included in the work plan.