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EYA 2016 : Annual Issue

රාජ්‍ය ප‍්‍රතිසංස්කරණය තුළ ස්ත‍්‍රී අයිතිවාසිකම්, එවරස්ට් තරණය කළ පළමු ශ‍්‍රී ලාංකිකයා ජයන්ති කුරුඋතුම්පාලගේ එවරස්ට් තරණයේ අත්දැක්මී ඇතුළු ලිපි රැසක් මෙවර ඇය 2016 වාර්ෂික කලාපයෙන්… Click here to download   EYA 2016 Annual Issue by wmcsrilanka on Scribd

National Women’s Convention 2016

The annual Sri Lankan National Women’s activists Convention organised by the Women and Media Collective was an opportunity to revisit ‘feminist understanding of the current political dynamics in Sri Lanka’. It brought together around 40 feminists and women activists, some representing organisations while others individually, to Wadduwa from the 14 – 16 of October 2016. The … Continue reading National Women’s Convention 2016

Consultation on Gender and Electoral Systems

The move to reform electoral systems in the country has generated a broad discussion, particularly around the participation of women in the political process. The proposed Mixed Member Proportional (MMP) electoral systems is expected to use the First Past the Post (FPTP) and Proportional Representation (PR) voting systems enabling voters with greater privilege over the … Continue reading Consultation on Gender and Electoral Systems