Progress of CEDAW Shadow Report and Status of Women Report 2008 – 2009

A writers’ meeting was held on the 17th of October 2008 at WMC where all the CEDAW shadow report and SWR writers gathered to discuss the writing of the two reports. A focus group discussion was held on the 27th of February 2009 at WMC, with the participation of 09 rural women community leaders from various parts of the country.
Following an invitation by the Secretary of Ministry of Child Development and Women’s Empowerment, a consultation meeting between women organizations/NGOs and the Secretary was held at the Ministry on the 01st of April 2009. The Secretary consulted the women NGO members in gaining their insights and views with regard to the areas of focus, and the kind of issues to be discussed and highlighted in the government report.

By the end of June, all chapters with regard to the CEDAW Shadow Report were submitted by the writers for final compilation of data. At present, the overall compilation of the report with the writing of the executive summary and introduction is being done.