Review meeting with Trade Union Women United (TUWU)

Trade union women leaders of Trade Union Women United (TUWU) met with Women and Media Collective (WMC) on the 17th of December 2014 to review the two year programme drawn up for capacity development of trade union women in Sri Lanka.

WMC has engaged in a number of activities to promote the work of trade union women and bring them to the forefront of trade union and country political activities. Leadership and workers rights training, gender and political workshops, media workshops along with awareness raising on trade union women and women’s rights issues through newspaper articles, television and radio programmes, WMC’s website and social media were carried out for these working women.

This meeting was also organised to introduce potential women candidates for the next local government elections from the TUWU to the trade union leaders. A documentary film portraying the lives of Trade Union women in Sri Lanka produced by WMC was also launched at this event.

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