16 Days of Activism against GBV 2014 campaign

The recently concluded 16 days of Activism against Gender Based Violence global campaign in Sri Lanka was a unitary effort by members of the GBV Forum. During the 16 days the Gender Based Violence Forum or GBV Forum had organised several activities and events in the country for the year 2014.

The online campaign in particular was carried out through the Sri Lanka 16 days campaign blog by Women and Media Collective, a member of the forum, to create further awareness and encourage a discourse on social media networks. The messages were disseminated on both Facebook and Twitter under the hashtags #sl16days and #16days. The blog included GBV Forum events and activities, infographics on issues such as Violence against Women and Women in Employment, a cartoon series by Awantha Artigala, blog articles and special guest posts from the public. It should be mentioned that for this year we received a range of guest posts by both women and men and these entailed poetry, articles and cartoons.

Meanwhile to mark the International Day to End Violence against Women which falls on the 25th of November Women and Media Collective engaged in the ‘Orange Your Neighbourhood’ campaign which is part of the UNITE to End Violence against Women campaign. The Orange campaign was also carried out throughout the 16 days campaign.