WMC exchange visit to Kurunegala

Close to 40 urban women from women’s groups in Colombo were part of an exchange visit to Kurunegala, Mahawa in Ahatuwewa on the 8th and 9th of February 2014.

Initiated by Women and Media Collective this gathering was a collaborative effort of the Women’s Resource Centre in Yakkalla and the Govi Thorathuru Madayastanaya (Farmers Information Centre) in Ibbagamuwa to strengthen ties and build sustainable relationships among women’s groups in the island. Government representatives were also present, providing immense support for this programme.

The visit started off with a warm welcome for the women of Colombo, Maradana, Borralla, Slave Island, Urugodawatta and Sanashrapura. Besides the work they do these women also shared their experiences with women’s groups of Kurunegala and other districts. The programme extended to an evening by the lake, Abampola, with entertainment such as theatre and dance. Accommodation, for the visitors, was provided by the local women in their own homes as a gesture of solidarity.