Head of Household Meeting

WMC organized a workshop on Rexamining the concept of Head of households on the 25th July 2005 at the CENWOR auditorium. The following issues were discussed at the meeting by a panel of experts. A Rights Based Framework for Examining the Concept of Head of Household, Land Rights and Head of Household, Census and the Concept of Head of Household, Post Tsunami Relief and Recovery Issues Related to the Concept and Practice of Head of the Household, Religious and Cultural Practice and the Concept of head of Household, Media Representation of Family and Changing Structures of the family.

The objective of this workshop is to discuss the concept of head of household, how it is established within the society and what the law or the constitution says about it and to identify women’s rights and formulate recommendations using the CEDAW framework and taking them to the policy making level.
The WMC was involved in the drafting of the Women’s Rights Bill in collaboration with the National Committee on Women and the Ministry of Justice. The Bill is currently under review with the Sri Lankan parliament.
The WMC successfully advocated for the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act which was passed in parliament in August.