Judge advised police on Wariyapola incident

The case against Thilini Amalka for voluntarily causing hurt was heard this morning at the Wariyapola magistrate courts in Kurunegala. The judge ordered that a medical report be produced by Chandra Kumara also known as Selva the man who allegedly harassed Thilini sexually on the streets of Wariyapola which led Thilini to slap him.

A case under section 314 of the Penal Code which indicts Thilini for voluntarily causing hurt has been filed by Selva as he claims of having hearing difficulties following the incident.

At the proceedings today, 2nd September, the judge inquired for reasons from the Wariyapola police for not following the his initial orders and take the case to a Mediator Board. The magistrate also advised that the police should strictly follow the laws of the country and not reports of the media or comments made by the public with regards to the video posted online.

Selva’s case against Thilini will return to court on 11th of February 2015.

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