Meeting with urban women

This project envisages to empower women in low income earning families in the urban areas of Colombo. We tried to identify the problems faced by the women living in low income earning families from selected 8 urban settlements identified in the Colombo city and in the areas near by. Several focal point discussions, workshops and interviews were held for this purpose. The major focal point discussions were held with 4 women’s groups in Borella, Maradana, Dematagoda, Kirulapona, Petta and Grand Pass.

Around 35 – 50 community activists participated from the relevant areas for the 4 main – one day workshops and first, they were given the opportunity to think about their problems. The discussion started by a brain storming activity and at the first round they had to share information about the problems they face in their day to day life. Information was shared between the community leaders who had come from various areas. This was a great opportunity for them to know each other because they didn’t know each other even though they lived in Colombo. Common problems as well as the special problems they face because they are women were discussed. Along with that, they got the opportunity to share information about the steps they have already taken as the community to over come these problems and their experience about social organizations.

Information about their ability to mobilize them selves and overcome challenges was revealed and they stated that more opportunities should be given to them in order to build a relationship with each other.