Trafficking-in- Persons, data, information collection and reporting system in Sri Lanka

An effective data, information collection and reporting system for ‘Trafficking- In- Persons’ (TIP) is being formulated by the Women and Media Collective together with the Asia Foundation.

The goal is to build an effective TIP data collection and reporting system in Sri Lanka.

This system is expected to feed into the ongoing work of the National Anti Human Trafficking Task Force under the Ministry of Justice.

In addition, research and assessments, design data systems, information dissemination mechanisms will be conducted.

WMC will also address community-level TIP and migration issues, and strengthen links with justice institutions.

Currently an island wide survey of Civil Societies working for Trafficking in persons is being carried out.

Protecting the rights of female migrant workers has become imperative over the past few years given that more women have begun to seek jobs overseas. Of the 49% of female migrant workers, 42% of women have migrated as domestic workers. The number of policies and regulations introduced by governments, and the female workers subjected to various forms of violence leaves them in highly volatile and unsafe working conditions.

In light of this the Ministry of Foreign Employment Promotion and Welfare has included WMC into the drafting committee for the adoption of the policy on labour migration. This drafting committee comprises of research institutions, NGO’s, Trade Unions and Academics.