Winners: WMC Short Film Competition 2014

The winners of the Women and Media Collective’s short film competition have been selected. There were an overwhelming number of entries this year and while we appreciate all those who sent in their scripts we are happy to announce the winners of the 2014 competition.

Prizes will be presented to the winners at the opening ceremony of the WMC exhibition ‘Women’s Struggles, Women’s Pride’ which will be on the 10th of February 2015. The exhibition is open to the public from the 11- 13 of February 2015.

Theme :Women’s Political Representation/Women in Decision Making Roles

Short Film Winners

1st place – J.P.K. Jayaweera                film name: WeegawathGahaniya

2nd place – H.B.K. LahiruSameera    film name: Wome’s Political Participation

3rd place – A.M Harshani Sandareka and Sugahdhi Kanchana Perera  film name: Awanka

3rd place – KalyaniWeedagama          film name: BabaruntaDebaru

Short Film Script Winners

1st place – M. JayasenaArachchi  Script name: Asuru Sanin

2nd place – N. Subaharan               Script name:

3rd place – J.P.K. Jayaweera         Script name:: WeegawathGahaniya

Merit Certificate for 10 Scripts

DinushaSamanmali              Script name: Nethmanaya

Asiri Upeksha Jayasinghe  Script name: Duwili Atharin

ArunikaNirmaniPerera       Script name: lakbimeDiyaniyoo

ThisunChandrasiri              Script name: Kanthi

Chethasi Wanninayake     Script name: Eya

H.N. Wijesinghe                 Script name: WeeraMatha Matalai

P. Vadivelan                         Script name: Kulavihal

Vanitha Senathirajah       Script name: Nimirvu

Yasintha Balachandran  Script name: UchiMeethu Vaanidinthu

Furkhan Bee Ifthikar        Script name: Vilippu