WMC Short Film Competition 2014

The awards for the winning short films of the Women and Media Collectives short film competition were presented at the opening ceremony of WMC’s 30th anniversary exhibition on the 10th of February 2015.1st place Jayaweera

This year first place went to J.P. Kusum Jayaweera for ‘Weegawath Gahaniya’ (Speed Woman). Kusum is a nurse from the Anuradhapura teaching hospital and this is her first attempt at producing a short film.

Second place was awarded to the short film ‘Women’s Political Participation’ by Lahiru Sameera, a fourth year student at the University of Visual and Performing Arts in Colombo.

And third place was a tie between two undergraduate students, Harshani Sandareka and Sugandhi K. Perera, for the short film ‘Awanka’ and a retired teacher from Awissavella and a mother of four children Kalyani Weedagama for the short film ‘Babarunta Debaru’.

The winning short films were screened at the opening ceremony and right throughout the exhibition to visitors.

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