Women’s contribution to the new constitution making process

The Women and Media Collective organised a round of discussion on the new constitution making process and to see the possibilities where women’s groups can intervene. The Discussions were conducted in Batticaloa , Kurunegala and Colombo with the participation of women activists, civil society organization members, women affiliated to political parties, Trade union women and women’s organizations.

Topics of the discussion was:
1. Principals of a Constitution
2. Current process of constitution making
3. What we think we should bring in to the constitution
4. What can be included in the constitution to protect women’s rights.

The Batticaloa meeting was held in on the 12th and 13th Of October, the Kurunegala meeting on the 12th December 2015 and the Colombo Meeting on the 15th December 2015.

Ms. Kumiduni Samuel (WMC), Sarala Emaneuel (Suriya Women’s Development Centre, Batticaloa), Sumika Perera (Women’s Resource Centre, Kurunegala), Chulani Kodikara (ICES, Colombo), Hanrndra Banagla (CaFFE), Wasantha seneviratne (Law Faculty, University of Colombo) contributed to the these meetings as resource persons.