Roundtable discussion on Women, Peace and Security in Sri Lanka

WMC organized a roundtable discussion on Women, Peace and Security in Sri Lanka, Using the framework on of the Un Security Council Resolution 1325 and 1820. A Senior Programme Associate at the International Women’s Tribune Centre also shared her experiences at the meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss on the current peace and security situation in Sri Lanka and to share experiences on how we (can) work together using the frameworks of 1325 and 1820. Ms. Balleza gave a brief presentation on the Women Peace Builders Community of Practice (WPBCoP) – a network of NGOs and women’s groups working on peace and security, to highlight the ways in which women’s NGO’s can engage in collective actions, to draw out the most effective outcomes of these resolutions. The key features, strengths and limitations, and recommendations of UNSCR 1820 and UNHCR 1325 were also discussed.
A key point of the discussion was to understand how we can use these resolutions effectively and what the shortcomings are. Women from 13 organizations attended this meeting and each of them did a small presentation of the work they do at their organization in relation to these resolutions, in particular UNSCR 1325.