International Advocacy for CEDAW General Recommendation on Armed Conflict and Women

Following on from the ‘Global Consultation on the Application of Women’s Human Rights framework on the issues of Women in Conflict Situations’ held in Colombo in October 2010, the Colombo Group which includes WMC continued to work closely with the CEDAW Committee assisting with the elaboration of a General Recommendation to CEDAW on women and armed conflict.  The Colombo group also worked towards the day of General Discussion, with the CEDAW Committee on the GR in July 2011, at the UN Headquarters in New York.  This advocacy is ongoing with Asia wide consultation planned for March 2012 in collaboration with UN Women, the Colombo Group and the CEDAW Committee.

The Impact of this advocacy process would be evident in 2-3 years when the CEDAW Committee adopts a new General Recommendation on Women and Armed Conflict.