My Time, My Work, My Value: Valuing Unpaid Care Work

Members of the Women and Media Collective were part of the “Who Cares!” forum in Melbourne yesterday to discuss the implications of the care economy on women and its contribution to the labour force. In Sri Lanka most women take on a role outside the labour force engaging in what is known as unpaid care work. This mostly includes caring for children, the elderly or undertaking the work of the household and its unaccounted for in the economy despite the immense value it holds.

At the “Who Cares!” forum hosted by JERA International, Dr. Sepali Kottegoda of Women and Media Collective pointed out that 60% of women in Sri Lanka were not part of the labour force and this adversely affects the labour market and hinders economic growth.

The forum, which was held on the 20th of February, brought together women from civil society groups, government representatives, academia and trade union groups.